Eversafe marine launches barge from barge carrier with marine airbags | Guinea launching project

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Launches 300 ft barge from barge carrier-another 300 ft barge

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When talk about barge carrier people often think about LASH (Lighter Aboard SHip), SeaBees which equipped with the rail mounted gantry crane or a massive stern lift. Can a common barge carries another barge for transportation? And how to launch the carried barge?

Eversafe Marine launched one 230 feet barge from the 300 feet barge deck with marine airbags in 2014 September in Indonesia. (link: http://www.eversafe-marine.com/media_details.aspx?cid=1&id=138). This project arouses lots of interests from shipping companies, WINNING LOGISTIC is one of them. They planned to tow four same barges from China to Guinea KAMSAR port. Those 1300 tonnes barges measured by 300 feet long and 80 feet wide.

To load barge onto another barge is not difficult, considering China has most lifting barges. If the barge unloading problems can be solved then people can stack barges for towing to save time and money.


Eversafe Marine was contracted to take care of the barge launching job. The mother barge has same dimension with carried barge that means a higher demand of launching technology is needed to achieve the success. First, the launch must be a precise launch, barge must move along the central line of mother barge. Seccond, precise ballast is required to achieve the precise inclined angle to control the barge launching speed.


Eversafe Engineer arrived in Guinea on 10th June, Incorporated with WINNING LOGISTIC, successfully launched two barges from the mother barges in two weeks. Mother barges were ballasted with about 3000 tonnes water before launching, 18 pieces airbags with 1.5 m diameter were deployed for the launching. Airbags act as the pneumatic rollers also a massive air cushion between barge carrier and barge that is the key factor of the launch safety.

Barge rolls  into water with airbags from carrier deck 

Airbag launching is a versatile and flexible technology. Its innovative applications change some industries, such as shipbuilding ,structure transportation, marine salvage, etc. No doubts it will contribute more in the near future.