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Floating structure base launching with airbags

admin:admin    time:2017-07-11

On 28th June 2017 Eversafe Marine Engineering company successfully launched one 400 tonnes floating structure base into Hyeongsangang river in Pohang city, South Korea. The 35 m diameter round structure base is a water-tight pontoon, on which superstructures will be installed to form a recreational center after base launching.


Eversafe Marine provided inclusive launch service for this pontoon launching project, includes engineering design, mob & demob of launching equipment and launch procedure. Korea Yanase Tongyeong Shipbuilding is in charge of the structure base fabrication.

On 20th June, one senior engineer from Eversafe Marine arrived at Pohang city for prelaunch site checking. The main problems of site preparation works are the launch ramp and inadequate water level of launching area. The ramp reinforcement and river dredging works were completed on 26th June, on the same day airbags arrived at site as planned.


On 27th June, the round structure base was lifted up by airbags. After removing support blocks, the base moved forward 6 meters with the control of winch. In the morning of June 28th , after final checking of all preparation works, the project commander give the launch order. With the wire ropes releasing, structure base moved into water steadily, then floated smoothly.


This 400 T round base launch is not a difficult one but the launch condition is quite complicated. Bad ramp ,inadequate water level those unfavorable conditions increase launch risks. Eversafe experienced team adjusted launch plans according to practical limitions tactically, made a careful preparation work, ensured the safety of launching project finally.