Unithai Offshore Company launched one 50 m Utility Vessel| Tugboat launches with airbags

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Unithai Offshore Company launched one 50 m Utility Vessel

admin:admin    time:2018-01-09

On 12th December one 50 m long Utility Vessel was successfully launched in Unithai shipyard and Engineering LTD. The utility vessel can act as tug, anchor handling and fire fighting vessel, designed by OSD-IMT, measured by 50 long, 15 m wide and 6.2 m high, with 1380 tonnes launching weight.


Unithai Shipyard and Engineering operates Thailand's largest shipyard, located within the country's main international deep sea port of Laem Chabang. The yard is developed on 688,000m2 of prime water frontage adjacent to the main port area accessible by protected deep water, rail link, and an excellent road system and only a short distance from the port and anchorage facilities of Ko Sichang, Map Ta Phut and Bangkok.

Eversafe Marine, a professional engineering company,engaged in airbag ship launching, dry docking, heavy lifting , undertakes the 50 m Utility Vessel launching, by providing inclusive equipment and technical service team.


The Utility Vessel was built on a flat ground with 1.4 m high keel blocks, 160 m far from the sea bank. For launching, the vessel needs to be moved near the water first.

Due to limited contact area of vessel AFT and propeller position, a special steel bracket was installed onto the vessel. Holding with one winch and one crawler crane, pulling with two trucks , with twelve rolling airbags, the vessel was moved forward 160 m in two days.  


On 12th December, in high tide time the holding wire rope was cut to release the vessel for final launching. The 50 m long Utility Vessel got into water and floated smoothly.

To prepare the launching and catch schedule, Eversafe Marine engineers with Unithai team worked overnights. More preparation , quicken speed and ensure the launching success.  

Compared with cargo ships or barges , the tugboats or utility vessel launching with airbags have more difficulties due to their limited flat bottom and heavier weight in unit length. Also the launching stability of utility vessel needs to be paid more attention to.

Another 50 m Utility Vessel built in Unithai shipyard and Engineering LTD will be launched by Eversafe Marine team in two months.