SINOPEC launch the biggest pipelaying barge with Eversafe marine airbags

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Eversafe Launch SINOPEC’s biggest Pipelaying barge with marine airbags

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On Nov. 26 ,2010 Eversafe Marine successfully launched a pipelaying barge for SINOPEC (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation) using airbag ship launching technology in Shenli oilfield construction base. That 14,500 tons pipelaying barge named " shengli 902" measures 118 meters in total length and 30.4 meters in molded width. It is SINOPEC's biggest and most advanced pipelaying barge designed to lay maximum 1540 mm diameter pipe at 100 meters deep water .
The hull of this pipelaying barge need to be completed in six months. At that time there was only one 150 meters long concrete ramp available in the construction base. Eversafe technical team was invited by the construction company for the feasibility research of airbag ship launch for the hull. When got positive conclusion, the construction company knew they can take the job.
Eversafe Marine as the launch contractor did lots of preparation work for this launch project. Main disadvantageous conditions for the launch are the shallow water and narrow launch area. With the help from construction company's design department, based on detailed calculation Eversafe technical team designed the launch plan which employ ballast water to adjust the barge's inclination and attached ropes to the stern to turn vessel around.
At 8 AM of Nov. 26, the Sacrifice Sea ceremony was hold on in the construction base. All the people involved in this project gathered to the platform to make a bow to the mother sea. At 8:30 AM the fireworks resounded across the sky and the launch started. When the pulling ropes were released the barge started slowly with the rolling marine airbags and entered into water smoothly. Airbags jumped onto the water surface from the bottom of vessel bow like piquant fishes which aroused excited screams from watching crowd.
Total 67 pieces ship launching airbags were used to launch the barge. All airbags executed good works during the launch. Eversafe Marine as the subsidiary of Evergreen Maritime, is the first professional global contractor of airbag launch projects and get a very good track record. In addition Eversafe Marine makes his distribution to the airbag ship launching technology by consummating the airbag launch theory.
Marine airbags ship launching can help shipbuilding company to do a better work with less investment. Some people called marine airbags " mobile floating docks" that indicate the flexibility and convenience of this powerful marine tools.