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Ship Launching Risks-Water Level

Airbag ship launching is flexible. It has tolerance for the water deficiency but that tolerance has limit surely. If ships are launched at deficient water, two phenomena may happen: when the stern drops abruptly, airbags may burst or launch ramp end collapse due to strike moment then vessel bottom collide with ground. On the other hand, if stern drops much down the bow will rise high that make airbags under bow can not support it anymore. When bow drops down at last there will be a big strike moment imposes on balloons so balloons may burst and cause the bow collide with ground.

Airbag burst when stern drops fast

ship launch with airbags at deficient water level

                                                                     Ship  launch with airbags at deficient water level
Airbag burst when stern drops Launch ramp broken after launch
                 Airbag bursted when stern dropped down                                                              Launch ramp broken after the launch

Airbag burst when bow drops fast

Bad cargo ship launch Slipway broken due to vessel bow impact

                                       Bow rised high during the launch                                               Slipway broken due to ship bow impact

To launch a ship at deficient water level is dangerous but if have to do it peole may take some remedy solutions such as extending slipway of underwater part or increasing ship buoyancy by adding buoyancy tanks/airbags. 

Other important factors effect airbag launching safety:

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