Expert of airbag ship launching,heavy transport with marine airbags,fendering system design

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About Eversafe Marine

Qingdao Eversafe Marine Engineering CO.,LTD is the subsidiary of Qingdao Evergreen Maritime group company, specializes in ship launching, dry docking ,heavy lift with marine airbags.In 2007 years, The founder of Evergreen Maritime, Bob Yu realized that only produce good  airbags is not enough , must guide clients to use airbags properly. Then one engineering service team was set up to help clients manager and carry out ship launching, dry docking projects. That team is the precursor of Eversafe Marine.

From 2008 years, Eversafe Marine began to operate independently. At that time, in China most engineering companies were engaged in ship launching, dry docking with airbags,  worked heavily on experience, seldom did calculation for projects. Sometimes they succeed , some times they failed but don’t know why.

Engineers of Eversafe Marine graduated from universities, they were educated to respect science. They carry out calculations for each project, implement projects cautiously. Gradually Eversafe Marine emerge as focal points due to 100% safety and success ratio of project.

Then in 2008, Eversafe Marine was appointed to launch one Olympic torch vessel by Beijing Government. Subsequently, got contract to haul out one retired submarine with airbags for Chinese Navy.

In 2010 years, Eversafe Marine launched one DWT58000 cargo ship (lightweight 11,800 tonnes) with 76 pieces airbags that created the world record of heaviest ship ever launched with airbags.

In 2011 years, Eversafe Marine salvaged one 6500 CBM LPG vessel in Romania with 20 pieces airbags,  saved a new built ship with small cost.

In 2013 years, relocated 4000 tonnes structure with airbags, initiating the marine airbag application in building relocation area.

In 2015 years, created the method of launching vessel from floating carrier deck, launched 20+ barges for clients.

Till now , Eversafe Marine keeps 100% success ratio of undertaken projects, keeps his small size to stay fit and run fast.

For Clients
Providing superior products and services from concept development through design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and operation. To design, supervise, install, maintain and operate marine projects in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

For Employees
To generate an attitude of enthusiasm and pride throughout the company, through promoting high-tech products and providing a favourable environment for professional and personal development, and to highly reward it.

Eversafe Marine Engineering gets the National Science and Technology Progress Award for his achievement of marine engineering technology. As the partner of CNOOC, CNPC, China Navy,Eversafe is honored to work with talented people to do creative works. Combining with Nankai University we get powerful technology support and research resource.Technology creating value is our main attitude toward fierce competition.