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Air bags Roll on /Roll off Projects

admin:admin    time:2013-07-08

The transport of massive heavy objects often need to transfer objects onto submersible barge or transport ship before shipping. In shipbuilding industry, huge ship will be moved onto floating docking for launching when the hull work finished.

Moving objects onto barge with marine airbags are proved to be safe and high effective comparing with traditional trolley roll on/roll off method. By combination of air bags, the width of moved object is not limited anymore. Also airbags have low demand of bearing capacity of transport road, no limits of flatness or smoothness of ramp.


Those bags act as heavy moving rollers or pneumatic rollers that roll objects on or off the board. The big contact area of rollers with objects ensure less pressure and can absorb vibration energy during the moving process. Some antique building moving projects prefer to employ air bags. 

Eversafe marine completed some typical object transfer projects in past years. There are massive concrete caissons and thousands tons vessel had been successfully moved onto barge with marine air bags.


The rolling friction coefficient of airbags can be treated as 0.01 so the demand of pulling force to move objects forward is not big. Generally the winches equipped on floating docks or semi submersible barge can satisfy the pulling need.