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“ Fair Faethow ”Oil tank launched with balloons

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Last week the DWT 10500 chemical/oil tanker named Fair Faethow” was successfully launched by Eversafe team using marine airbag ship launching technology in Xinshun shipyard. This tankship’s details: 129 m length, 18 m breadth, 10.8 m moulded depth, gross Tonnage 7534, net Tonnage 3144.
From the owner to shipyard ,airbag ship launch technology is warmly welcomed. Eversafe technical team collected needed information of vessel ,slipway and water survey data and executed adequate calculation. The results from calculation shows during marine airbag lift and launch stage the safety coefficient is above 6 and 3 times respectively which measure up. But the bearing capability of slipway end is found to be not enough. Even marine airbag ship launch process is less than 2 minutes people should be alert to the overload of slipway. The shipard offer an active cooperation for slipway enhancement then all obstacles were clean before the launch performance.
Total 40 pieces ship launch airbags were employed to carry this launch project. At August 9 Eversafe team successfully replaced all vessel supporting wooden blocks with inflated marine airbags and adjust the inner pressures of airbags according to the calculated result. Before the launch the tilted angle of vessel is calibrated to be 1.6 degree to apparent horizon. This angle will determine the movement of launched vessel and the safety of launch so it need repeated calculation and computer simulation confirmation.
At August 10 AM 8 the high tide reaches expected height. Without champagne breaking over bow ceremony the dockmaster pull the trigger of starting gun, then steel ropes pulling the vessel were chopped and “ Fair Faethow” started to move into the water by riding rolling marine airbags.The audiences’ hurrah and Chinese characterd fireworks resound across the sky.
In this month Eversafe Marine Engineering Company has completed 5 vessels launching projects, 3 in China and 2 in Malaysia.