Performance of Eversafe Pneumatic fenders | Energy Absorption and Reaction Force

Performance Table

Specification and Performance

Eversafe Pneumatic Rubber Fenders are available from 500x1000mm to 3300x6500mm, including all the standard and no-standard specification.

                      Performance table of P50 & 80 Pneumatic Rubber Fenders 

1.    Guaranteed energy absorption represents the guaranteed energy absorption at    60% deflection.
2.    GEA = Guaranteed Energy Absorption; R.F. = Reaction Force AT GEA deflection; H.P = Hull  Pressure (internal pressure) at GEA deflection
3.    Tolerance of reaction fore and deflection are as follows: Reaction10%, Deflection 5%.
4.    Each reaction and energy absorption is measured under static conditions.
5.    Testing pressure rate indicates the testing pressure at the factory.
6.    Weight of fender body and net may vary 10%
7.    Special sizes are available upon request.
8.    Different levels of performance according to internal air pressure levels specified this fender.

General Information of Pneumatic Fenders