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Marine Salvage Airbags

Introduction of salvage airbags

Eversafe salvage airbags have similar structure with launching airbags but they have optimization design for salvage purpose. The layout of reinforcement layers are optimized to make salvage bags being more stiff and light also.

The rubber buckles on salvage bags' body enable the reeving of fixing belts to be easy. For deep water salvage bags, there are safe valve design to automatically release pressure when bags pop put of water.

 Eversafe Salvage Airbag Specifications  

 Diameter  (m) Length (m) Buoyancy (T) Weight (T)   Diameter (m)  Length (m)             Buoyancy (T)                   Weight (T)         
1.0 10 7.6 0.25 1.8 10 25 0.48
1.0 12 9.1 0.29 1.8 12 30 0.56
1.0 14 10.7 0.34 1.8 14 35 0.64
1.0 16 12.2 0.38 1.8 16 40 0.72
1.0 18 13.7 0.43 1.8 18 45 0.81
1.5 12 20.7 0.46 2.0 12 37 0.63
1.5 14 24.2 0.53 2.0 14 43 0.72
1.5 16 27.7 0.59 2.0 16 49 0.82
1.5 18 31.1 0.66 2.0 18 55 0.90

Advantages of Eversafe salvage airbags
Eversafe salvage marine airbags show great advantages from convenience and versatility points. They can be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures and they are also excellent for pipe-laying and other underwater construction projects. But where salvage airbags really come into their own is when they are employed in vessel salvage.

Air-lifting function
Salvage marine airbags can offer buoyancy from 10 tons to 50 tons per piece and are available for multi-points steady connections.


Comparing with float rigid pontoons, the tube structure can give soft floating support which is good for vessel structure and salvage operation safety. For some capsizing vessels rigid float pontoons are difficult to use but with salvage airbags such salvage works come easy. The operation of salvage airbags is easier than rigid pontoons: no need to ballast water to dive, less effected by wind and wave, less demand of the binding, etc.

Eversafe Marine Salvage airbag is the best choice for 100-2000 tons buoyancy need. Its good characters of easy transportation and store, little demand of maintenance make the salvage works more flexible and cost-effective.

When people want to transport heavy structures or launch caisson in deficient water, salvage marine airbags can be very helpful. Its flexible body can be easy stuffed into chamber or attached to the structures. From pipe float to caisson transport Eversafe salvage airbags are widely welcomed. 


Drain function
Salvage marine airbags may be filled in vessel cabin to drive out water which can restore vessel buoyancy easy and safely.
Surely people need to calculate the maximum pressure of cabin allowed before they stuff salvage airbags into cabin. If needed reinforcement should be done to ensure the safety of deck or cabin. 

 Airbag salvage project

Jack up function
Salvage marine airbags can be used as pneumatic rollers when people want to send a stranded vessel back to water. One piece salvage marine airbag can jack up more than 200 tons weight so no need to dredge watercourse or employ crane barge salvage airbags can salvage stranded vessel with least cost.

To salvage sunken vessels salvage marine airbags are often used to jack up vessel. Deflated airbags are inserted between vessel bottom and seabed then they are pumped to jack up vessel. When vessel’s bottom are free from seabed vessel can partly restore buoyancy and it also advantages wire rope reeving. People may tow vessel with pneumatic rollers under the water just like on shore.

 Airbag jack up stranded ship

Operational suggestion of Eversafe salvage airbags